The Best Highlighter You Never Heard Of!

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The Best Highlighter You Never Heard Of!

Danessa Myricks Beauty Enlight Powder Review #indiefeature

     In the age of the social media, the focus of marketing has shifted. To capitalize on this change, many companies are now utilizing "influencers" to help build hype around their brands and respective products. As the demand for makeup has skyrocketed, the industry has become more competitive than ever before with new faces popping up every single day. Despite this change in the industry, not everyone is building their platform in the same way. Relying on the owners own artistry for promotion, this brand than I'm going to talk about, is single handily one of the best companies I've ever come across and truly, they deserve all the praise they're given, that brand is no other than Danessa Myricks Beauty.
     If you've been following me for a while, you might know that I'm completely enamored with Danessa Myricks and her company. Truly, I believe that Danessa's company is one of the most underrated brands in the industry and I'd love for more makeup lovers to discover this amazing brand. For those reasons above, I've decided to write this article on my Enlight Illuminator powder in Radiance that I've owned for about a year now. As someone who doesn't particularly care for highlighting, the Englight Illuminator powder has won me over by leaps and bounds to the point where half of my looks now include this product.
     The Enlight Illuminator contains micronized pigments to provide a buildable, seamless, lit from with highlight. The Enlight Illuminators cost $26 for 10g / 2 oz of product. With thirteen shades to choose from, this line truly caters to every skin tone. Danessa Myricks Beauty is cruelty free and now fully vegan!


     I've found the claims of this highlighter to be completely true. The biggest reason why I avoid the majority of highlighting powders is because I don't want to add texture to the face. While a glittery highlighter may pop the most, it also adds the most texture in my opinion. The Enlight Illuminators have a formula that not only manages to add brightness, but almost blurs the skin, which is why I've been reaching for this product non stop. The finish on the skin, I would say it's somewhat glass like because of how smooth and almost wet looking the highlight is. Luckily, the highlighters do have sifters in them, which is about all you really can do to contain a loose highlighter. I personally just ripped off the tab and I just try to be careful when opening it, but that's just my preference. Another reason why I love this product is, a little goes a LONG way. I'm not kidding, a single dip into the powder is enough to highlight my whole face. With that being said, I would also consider this trait to be somewhat of a hindrance. Be very careful when using this highlighter! While it's easy to blend, if you don't tap off the excess you'll easily over highlight your face because it's that pigmented. One thing that I don't care for with Danessa's brand is the ingredients are listed on her website. According to Beautylish, the highlighter only contains mica and titanium dioxide. 


     This highlighter is stunning! If you want a bang for your buck, I've had this highlight for almost a year and I'm not even a 1/3 of the way done with it. It's literally everything that I've been looking for in a highlighter and I simply can't recommend it enough. Please do yourself a favor and try not only the highligher, but any product from Danessa Myricks Beauty because this brand is that good.

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