Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation Review

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Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation Review

     I think many people can relate to me when I say that Sephora is a TRAP! I went to my local Sephora in the hopes that I could pick up the new Cover FX Power Play Foundation, but I ended up leaving with the Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation in the shade N40 because they didn't have the Power Play Foundation. In retrospect, I should have called ahead to see if they received the Power Play Foundation shipment so I wouldn't have felt the need to compensate the way I did. I have tried the Total Cover Cream Foundation before in small sample pots from Sephora, but I haven't tried wearing the foundation for long term use. The foundation comes in 40 shades with pink, neutral, golden, and olive undertones, costs $42, and contains 10g/ 0.35oz of product. According to their website, the foundation is formulated without parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc, it can be used as a concealer, contains 32% pigment, ultra-blendable, provides a full coverage, luminous, second-skin finish, contains emollients, and anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E & C. Another claim, which is listed on the packaging, but not online, is that the foundation will revitalize the appearance of skin while also providing protection with age defying benefits. Cover FX is a cruelty free and vegan company.


     From now on when I test new foundations, I've decided that my wear test procedure will be composed of: wearing the foundation on it's own (if possible), with setting powder, primer, setting spray, and lastly a combo of all three items. To begin my first wear test with my new concrete testing procedure, it only seemed appropriate to pick a product that I can't wear on it's own. I swear it was not intentional, I would've liked to have worn this foundation on its own, but I've never known a cream foundation that won't crease on me without powder.
     On day 1 I wore the foundation using only my Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder in Light to set it. Upon initial application, the foundation holds up to the claim that it is full coverage and blendable. Luckily if you use a light hand you can get a lighter coverage, making this product quite versatile. For reference I have combo to oily skin. Within the first hour my nose became oily and a couple hours later my whole face was oily. The product creasing is minimal, but the foundation does settle in my fine lines. The foundation did leave me quite oily, but for a luminous foundation, I couldn't have expected anything less. The nice thing about this foundation is that the product continues to warm up throughout the day making the product really sink into the skin and this helps it look more natural.
     Cover FX does make the recommendation that you should wear this foundation with a primer, the only problem is that they don't elaborate on what kind. I decided my best chances of making the foundation last would be using their own Mattifying Primer, as often times, makeup companies will formulate their products to work specifically with one another so they can sell the products as package deals and considering my biggest critique from day 1 was the foundation becoming oily, it seemed reasonable to use a mattifying primer. I massaged the primer into my skin and made sure to take off any excess by going over my face with a beauty blender. The foundation did look slightly heavier than day 1 upon initial application, but for the most part it still had the same finish and all. The primer I'd say bought me another hour of wear, but once again my face got quite oily and creased/ settled in my smile lines. I should mention that when I did go to blot my face, the foundation did transfer onto the tissues on all days I was testing the foundation.
     Day 3 had to be the most disappointing, as it showed so much potential early on. Exchanging the mattifying primer out with my Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Mist bought me three hours of wear with very little oil. I thought that perhaps my favorite setting spray could rescue another foundation like it has in the past, but I was dead wrong. At the five hour mark, I had a friend look at my face and they politely pointed out that the foundation appeared to be pealing on my cheeks. The first chance I got to look into a mirror I was sadly met with a cakey face and creasing in my smile lines. Aside from a check after three hours had passed, I had not looked at my face again and chances are the foundation may have caked up sooner than five hours.
     Day 4 the last day when I try all previous products in tangum, I can't say much on. Unfortunately, while my face looked slightly better than day 3, it produced relatively the same results; heavy foundation that didn't stay matte beyond a couple hours.

Final Thoughts:

     Perhaps this foundation would've worked better with a different primer or setting spray, but this was just my experience. The foundation wasn't too cakey until I used my Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Mist so I'll definitely try a different setting spray in the future to see if it produces different results. I honestly liked this foundation upon initial application and want it to work, do be mindful that there is flashback if you wear this foundation unset. I would recommend that Cover FX clarifies what kind of primer should be used with this foundation. Without that clarification, how am I supposed to know what to use to get the best results?

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