About Me

     My name is Robyn Valentine and regardless of the labels attached, makeup, drag, When I was younger, I struggled to find happiness. When I reached the lowest point in my life, a void I never thought I'd pull myself out of, I discovered a passion for makeup through the show Rupaul's Drag Race. For the first time in my life, I felt a sense of liberation, like I could finally breath, a sensation that's stuck with me all these years later. 
     Makeup challenged the limitations of my mind and imagination, after years of creating artwork on canvas, I've been given the ability to be living, breathing, art. Using my talent, I transform all my clients, in a way that goes beyond the surface, a transformation that helps them recognize their own inner beauty. 
     As an artist, my goal is simple, to create and inspire those around me, to give back all the strength, I've been given and to help fight for a better world. I everybody who chooses to follow me on this journey, let's aim to make this world a little brighter.