Half Caked Candy Paint Review

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Half Caked Candy Paint Review #indiefeature

     Hello my little Valentine's, thank you for coming back to another review! I know that I've been saying this a lot lately, but I'm sorry for all the delays between articles. My life has only gotten crazier since I began this website, it's been difficult to sit down and write. By no means am I'm complaining, I've been booked and blessed, up until recently. With the COVID-19 pandemic closing down the local bars and shops, I'm going to use this chance to finally write this article. Because of how long it's been since I received these products in the mail, I don't quite remember all of the shipping details. Rather than trying to piece together my memories and possibly getting some information wrong, I'm going to omit the section about shipping from this article. I apologize for that! All I can say, is that there were no issues ordering from their website.
     I've been a fan of Half Caked for a while, I'm talking back when they still went just by Caked. I got turned onto them, by the amazing hub of information that is Stephanie Nichole, back in 2016, when she gave their liquid lipsticks a glowing review. When I saw that they were coming out with cream blushes in adorable heart shaped packaging, I was all over it! What can I say, I'm a sucker for packaging. Plus I love cream blushes because of how natural and long lasting they tend to be.
     The Candy Paints come in four different colors: Disco Lemonade, Dollhouse, Millions of Peaches, and Velvet Tiger. The Candy Paints offer buildable coverage which can be used on both your cheeks and lips for a flushed glowing look. They're formulated without silicone, fragrance, parabens, and alcohol. Each Candy Paint contains 5 g / 0.18 oz of product and cost $8 each, $1.6 for each gram. Half Caked is a cruelty free and vegan company.

About the Company:

     Half Caked was founded by Nicole Masifilo back in 2016. Nicole's sister Erica Lynn joined the company in 2017 and the two have been working together ever since. They're goal is to offer high quality and cute makeup at an affordable rate.

Initial Thoughts:

     The packaging lived up to my expectations to say the least! They're like a polly pocket toy and I absolutely love staring at them. Upon inspecting the packaging, I did notice a couple interesting things. There is no expiration label on the box or product component. Additionally, I noticed that the ingredients list (yes, I should've done that before ordering them) contains the color additive "ultramarine." This ingredient is restricted by the FDA as an "external" ingredient because it can absorbed through mucous membranes such as the lips. The FDA does allow some color additives to be used in products such as lipstick in limited amounts. I trust that Half Caked has done their due diligence to comply with FDA regulations, however I wanted to let you all know that the ingredient is in there in case it concerns you.
     The Candy Paints were somewhat dry on the surface, but once I started digging into them, the product payoff was much better. Though it was never mentioned in the description of the products, I'd definitely say that they dry down to a matte finish (there wasn't much glow). I tried applying them with both my fingers and a sponge. While the body heat of my finger made the product easier to blend and gave a more natural appearance, my sponge applied the product much more densely which resulted in a better color payoff. Personally, I wish that the colors of "Millions of Peaches" and "Disco Lemonade" were a little different. The two colors in my opinion, are close enough to each other in shade that they look the same when blended out. In my opinion, you don't need both.

This closeup was taken in outside, after I finished my makeup. The blush was applied to both my cheeks and lips alongside a liner. 


     As mentioned above, these products do seem to dry down. I personally don't mind this because I'm someone who brings their blush out to my T zone and as I'm sure you all know, the T zone tends to produce the most oils. For that reason, I think that a semi matte finish is more appropriate than a glowly product for me, to ensure longevity on my combo skin. They certainly didn't seem to fade on my cheeks after prolonged wear and they stay feeling light weight. Now there's something we need to talk about. Point blank, I really don't like these products on the lips, for the exact reason why I like them on my cheeks. They're comfortable to wear for 3-4 hrs, but anything after that and I'm licking my lips frequently because of how dry they feel in addition to how dry they look. I don't know why they're so drying on my lips, they feel just fine as cheek color. Either way I have to be honest with you all about my experience. As far as pigmentation goes, while these are buildable, you can apply them quite densely and easily get up to a medium coverage, it just depends how much product you load onto your application tool. They blend out quite easily too because of how the product can be sheared. I do really wish there was a red blush to this set! I like a little color and feel as though the collection is just missing that pop.


     While the Candy Paints won't be replacing my lip colors any time soon, they've officially bumped down E.L.F.'s Cream Blush Palette as my favorite cheek product! They hold up well, provide desirable pigmentation, blend easily, and look fantastic. I wouldn't recommend buying all four colors as "Millions of Peaches" and "Disco Lemonade" are quite close in color, but for $8, I'd say they're worth trying, just proceed with caution if you're gonna use them on the lips.

From top to bottom (Millions of Peaches, Disco Lemonade, Dollhouse, Velvet Tiger). These were swactched with my finger on my bare arm.

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