Pacifica Beauty Powder Review

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Pacifica Beauty Powder Review

     Today's review has been months in the making. Today I'm not just reviewing one, but all four of Pacifica's nutritional supplements and you all best believe I have a very detailed review for you all. While I have received a PR package from Pacifica in the past, I paid for the Beauty Powders using my own money. All opinions shared are my own, I have not been compensated in any way to review these products or write a positive review. Pacifica's Beauty Powder line consists of "Wake Up Beautiful," "Slay All Day," "Glow Greens," and "Seek Balance." Each nutritional supplement costs $19.99, are gluten free, and have no added sugar. The product weights vary between each Beauty Powder; "Wake Up Beautiful" contains 111 g/ 3.9 oz of product, "Slay All Day" contains 103 g/ 3.6 oz of product, "Glow Greens" contains 108 g/ 3.8 oz of product, and "Seek Balance" contains 82 g/ 2.8 oz. Further down the article  I will be listing the number of scopes I pulled out of each container. The Beauty Powder line has not been evaluated by the FDA. Therefore, they cannot claim any medical benefits online or on the labels. While I cannot confirm the medical benefits you should receive from each bottle, I will be sharing my experience using each one of them. Pacifica is a cruelty free and vegan company and their products are made in the USA.

Break Down:

     For anyone at the store wanting the short answer of whether or not these products will work for you, I'm going to post three lists based off my experience and personal opinions.

Most Effective:

1. Wake Up Beautiful
2. Slay All Day
3. Seek Balance
4. Glow Greens

Number of Scopes (May vary depending of how compact and even your scopes are):

1. Seek Balance (29 scopes)
2. Glow Greens (28 scopes)
3. Wake Up Beautiful (27 scopes the first time, 24 the second)
4. Slay All Day (26 scopes)


1. Glow Greens
2. Wake Up Beautiful
3. Slay All Day
4. Seek Balance


     I was first introduced to the Pacifica Beauty Powders by Creestaaal Sanchez aka @veganmakeupshare from Instagram. I do have insomnia and since middle school, I've had a lot of trouble sleeping. When Creestaaal started boasting about the effectiveness of the "Wake Up Beautiful" powder, I knew I had to give it a try!
     The "Wake Up Beautiful" powder has done wonders to help me fall asleep regularly. The first time I tried it, I fell asleep in about 30 minutes! After my first try, it's taken me about 1-2 hours to fall asleep. The "Wake Up Beautiful" powder has a pretty decent taste too. Sort of a slightly bitter kool-aid. I will be honest in saying that this powder alongside all the others, doesn't fully dissolve. It's not the worst in terms of undissolved particles (that would be "Glow Greens"), but I do want to make note of this because it may bother some people. Prior to drinking this nutritional supplement, I don't believe I've taken melatonin prior which make explain why it was so effective the first time. To test how well this product really works, I took it upon myself to buy melatonin pills. I wanted to see if there was really something special about Pacifica's "Wake Up Beautiful" Powder or if it was just a more expensive version of melatonin. Let me tell you, the difference is night and day! The "Wake Up Beautiful" powder not only works faster, but I don't find myself waking up after I've fallen asleep. Is it more expensive to buy the powder over pills? Yes, but for someone who struggles sleeping, I don't personally mind paying a little extra if I can wake up the next day feel energized and fully awake!
      "Seek Balance" was the second Beauty Powder I tried. Unlike the "Wake Up Beautiful" I really don't care for the taste of this powder. In my opinion the taste reminded me of coconut water, but with a vanilla aftertaste. As stated at the beginning of this article, medical benefits cannot be claimed because the products aren't FDA evaluated. For that reason, it was difficult for me to figure out how the nutritional supplement was supposed to work. I'd say I went a good week or so drinking this powder not knowing what was supposed to be happening. It wasn't until I ate a particularly spicy burrito at Chipotle that I finally found a purpose for the powder. My stomach got really upset that day, but after I drank this powder, I noticed how much better my stomach felt afterwards. Perhaps someone with a medical condition can find more use for this product, but as for me, the powder doesn't do much and I won't be buying this one again. 
     "Slay All Day" has always been a bit of a difficult one for me. While I would like very much to believe this powder works as I always feel calmer after drinking it, The speed of it's effectiveness is what makes me skeptical. I feel immediate relief which leads me to believe that I'm unintentionally calming myself down after drinking this powder; deep breaths, clearing my mind, etc... I initially thought that this powder would end up being my most favorite flavor, however the taste is a bit strong, kind of bitter. I will say that in terms of undissolved particles, this was one of the least problematic. I may buy this powder again, but it just depends how bad I need the extra stress relief. Overall I'm just unsure if the powder works.
     I want to preface this last review by saying I had very low expectations for that taste of this powder. When I read the ingredients for "Glow Greens" I was sure that this powder was going to taste very much like spinach and I hesitated to buy it for this reason. I was prompted to finally pick up this powder simply to write this review. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this powder tastes like a sweet lemonade. If I really try to focus on a flavor, I can kind of taste vegetables, but it's really delicious overall! Now as delicious as it is, this powder has quite large particles in it. I have noticed that while I'm drinking this powder, I'm more on the regular side so to speak when using the bathroom. I was hoping that this powder would improve the quality of my skin, but unfortunately, my skin doesn't glow anymore than before, As to whether or not I'd buy this powder again, I have the same sentiments towards this one that I have towards the "Slay All Day." While I do enjoy it, I'm not sure I can justify another purchase.


     Of the four Beauty Powders I purchased, the only one that I'll definitely buy again will be the "Wake Up Beautiful." This is not to say that the other powders are not good or will not work well for you, but I really needed to see better results from the other three powders to justify the price. As much as I liked the "Wake Up Beautiful" I will be writing an article in the near future, comparing Pacifica's new "Dream Sleep" beauty gummies to this powder to see which one works better. Please stay tuned for that review!

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