Twin Medix Pro: Refine Moisturizer Review

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Twin Medix Pro: Refine Moisturizer Refine #indiefeature

     Before I begin this review, I need to disclose that this product was sent to me by TwinMedix. I was not compensated in any way to promote this product or write a positive review, all opinions shared are that of my own opinion.
     Hello everyone, I'm really excited to write this review! I know I say that often, but today's quite the exception. Today's review was made possible by another article I wrote back in 2018 "Medix Beauty App Review". TwinMedix launched their online educational app a couple years ago under the name Medix Beauty which I was quick to review. Despite my criticisms of their app at the time, TwinMedix was very appreciative of my honesty and we've continued shooting messages back and forth since my initial article. They asked me about a month ago if I would like to receive a PR package and I was more than happy to oblige. Any company willing to use criticism to better their product and continue working with honest influencers earns a point in my book!
     The Pro: Refine Moisturizer was designed with makeup artists in mind to not only prime the skin by plumping and firming, but to add a subtle glow and moisture for 24 hours. The moisturizer can be used day or night on a clean, dry face and is free of parabens and fragrance. You also get the option to choose between two sizes, a 1 oz/ 30 mL bottle for $18 or a 2 oz/ 60 mL for $30. TwinMedix is cruelty free, vegan, and made in the US.

About the Brand:

     TwinMedix was founded by twins, Michelle Shaffer and Tammy Fleming's in November 2018. Seeing how their skin was affected by stress, the twins were inspired to create a line that could tackle a wide array of skin issues. Using the knowledge she acquired distributing Embryolisse for 15 years, Michelle Shaffer teamed up with the likes of pro artists James Vincent, who serves as their Creative Director, Danessa Myricks, Ve Neill, and Kevin James Bennet to create dynamic formulas that utilized both old and new traditions/ technologies.


     To put it plainly, I didn't believe that I would love this product. I went in a skeptic because I already have my favorite moisturizing product, the Pacifica Coconut Probiotic Rehab Cream. As much as I enjoy Pacifica's moisturizer, it does have it's flaws. It's definitely not for oily skin people because of how thick the cream is. Additionally, the Pacifica moisturizer does take a few minutes to fully absorb. With that in mind, the TwinMedix Pro: Refine manages to satisfy all these needs!
     Despite being a thick cream as well, the moisturizer absorbs almost instantly and feels very light weight on my skin. I can see it working well for people with oily and combo skin. As for people with dry skin, I would probably recommend you stick to a heavier duty moisturizer. While I do enjoy that the moisturizer absorbs rather fast, it's also to a detriment; I use a little more product than I would normally and I have to work extra fast to spread around my face before it's absorbed. Although subtle, the glow is definitely visible and I appreciate that this effect is achieved without the use of shimmer. It's definitely a your skin, but better appearance which I love! Whenever I want to spruce up a bit without doing much, I've been throwing on this moisturizer. Now the biggest reason why I've fallen in love with this moisturizer is that I've noticed the elasticity in my skin has improved. I believe I've addressed my skin issue before, but I do suffer from eye dermatitis. My condition, causes me to scratch my eyes regularly, which has left the skin on my lids a tad bit loose. My eyelids are so much firmer now! When I rub my eyes, it doesn't feel as though the skin needs a moment to move back into place which is a miracle in itself. Furthermore, my fine lines appear smoother long after the moisturizer has worn off.

Final Thoughts:

     Overall, this moisturizer has earned its place in my makeup kit. I'm genuinely astonished by how well it works! Below this section, I'm going to include unedited before and after pictures of my smile lines and forehead creases so that you can see the difference two weeks of using this product has done to my skin. By no means are these pictures night and day, but the difference is there; my fine lines are smoother and my creases a little less as a result. While there are some cons to this product, I do firmly believe that everyone should consider giving this moisturizer a chance.



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