Medix Beauty App Review

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Medix Beauty App Review

     Starting from humble beginnings as a skin care brand known as Twin Medix, the brand announced in October 2017 that they would be developing an app that would be named Medix Beauty. Since their initial announcement, Medix Beauty has recruited a star-studded cast of professional makeup artists including James Vincent, Orlando Santiago, Jasen Kaplan, Jeremy Dell, AJ Crimson, Sahara Pasha, Danessa Myricks, Ve Neill, Aga Kaskiewicz, and Beathany Towenes. Medix Beauty is free to download, however the app works on a monthly subscription basis. To subscribe to an artist costs $2.99 per month to have access to all the videos they've uploaded thus far, but note that there are no promises as to how many, if any tutorials will be uploaded each month. When I first heard of this app, I was absolutely floored to see the industry professionals that had been recruited and right away I subscribed to Danessa Myricks and AJ Crimson's channel. Unfortunately, after testing this app for the last three months I have to say, I'm not very impressed. 
     The whole time I've had this app, I've been constantly checking to see if any of the brands which are supposed to have tutorials available, have uploaded on their channels, but none still have. Although the app did allow me to subscribe to the Embryolisse USA channel even though they had no content to offer. Despite, having videos produced for Danessa Myricks and AJ Crimson's personal channel, they haven't published any videos for their brand's channels. Every time I try to subscribe, a box pops up that says "Product identifier not found." When I click the watch intro button for the brand channels, they're all a video that says coming soon, except for Temptu who oddly has Aga Kaskiewicz's intro video as their own intro video. Perhaps Medix Beauty is having trouble coordinating filming with these brands (I know that they're currently in the process of filming tutorials with Roque Cozzette owner of Cozzette). To be completely honest, the app in my opinion seems quite rushed, considering all the problems it has. 
     Problem #1, this app is terribly glitchy, many people including myself will find that some days the app will tell you that you're not subscribed to a makeup artists that you are subscribed to. I know that this is a problem on their end because the charges still show up in my band account, proving that my subscription wasn't inexplicably cancelled. Luckily, this isn't an issue that lasts a long time. 
     Problem #2 the app has categorized all of it's tutorials into categories, by clicking a category box, for example, eyebrows, it'll pull up all the tutorials on the app relating to eyebrows. My problem with this, is that there are many categories which have no videos to offer and it feels pointless to keep these empty category boxes up if there's nothing to look at. Keep in mind, that the only videos in each category you'll be able to watch are from artists you've subscribed too, meaning that it'll show me videos from other artists that are relevant, but I can't watch them until I subscribe to their channels.
     Problem #3 as mentioned earlier, I've waited for months and not a single brand has uploaded videos to their channels. 
     Problem #4 when you look at the videos available to watch from an artist, there's no image of the makeup you're going to watch, you have to use the title alone to figure out if the video is for the makeup you're looking for. 
     Maybe I'm hopeful for the app because I want to continue seeing tutorials from some of my favorite artists, but I'd like to believe there's a lot of potential for this app to be great. Yes, I want to stop seeing all this empty space of products coming soon, but more so I want regularly posted content, even if this means one video a month because I'm quite sure no new tutorials have been uploaded to AJ Crimson's channel since I first subscribed three months ago. Additionally, I feel as though they should consider using different images within the app because, right now, they look like they were free images taken from google. They'd be better off, licensing the art of their own makeup artists, so their images wouldn't look so generic. By no means am I saying to pass on Medix Beauty as they've yet to peak, but perhaps hold off until they upload more content and pull the app further together.

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