Kat Von D 10-Year Anniversary Palette Review

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Kat Von D 10-Year Anniversary Palette Review

     Can you believe it's been 10 Years since Kat Von D Beauty first began operating? Being a tattoo artist, reality star, and model, Kat Von D never saw herself owning a cosmetics brand, but per the request of Sephora to join their company back in 2008, she's worked endlessly to develop a line of innovative, high quality cosmetics. 
     When I first began venturing into higher end makeup, the Mi Vida Loca Palette had just been released. I didn't have the money to invest in higher end makeup at the time, but I remember Kat Von D Beauty was always the one to draw me into Sephora. Even though I was still relatively to the makeup world, I knew what Kat Von D was doing was unique, from the display to packaging, no other brand looks quite like them. One of my favorite things to find when I go to Marshall's is find old Kat Von D Beauty products. It just amazes me how far the brand has come when comparing their simple designs to the now elaborate packaging they put their products in. What made me fall in love with Kat Von D was coming across her Youtube video "My response to the "vegan" controversy" were she talked about her journey into veganism and how veganism positively impacts our society. Having recently become vegan after being vegetarian for 4.5 yrs, it was people like Kat Von D who inspired me to be vegan for the animals and to recognize the significance of my diet. Kat Von D has always been an outspoken woman and seeing how she's built her brand from the ground up, having no prior experience in the beauty industry is truly inspiring.
     To celebrate the 10 years they've been operating, Kat Von D Beauty has release a whole 10-year Anniversary Collection; a Metal Crush Highlighter ($30), Everlasting Glimmer Veil "Gold Skool" ($22), Studded Lipstick "Santa Sangre" ($19), Tattoo Liner ($20), eyeshadow palette ($52), brush set ($125), and a train case ($150). The 10-Year Anniversary bundle will cost $348, with 400 units being signed by Kat Von D herself.
     The Kat Von D 10-Year Anniversary Palette has a shelf life of 12 months and comes with 11 matte eyeshadows and 5 shimmer eyeshadows for a cost of $52. Your receiving 16 x 1.7g/ 16 x 0.06 oz of product for a cost of $3.25 per eyeshadow. Each eyeshadow is named after an individual who's made an impact on Kat Von D; 10 muses and 6 people behind the scenes. The palette is vegan and will be available on Kat Von D's website and Sephora's website on May 5th, it will be sold in Sephora stores on May 21st.

First Impressions:

     If we're being completely honest, this palette didn't particularly excite me when I first saw it. Initially, I felt as though the palette was uninspired, but now that I know, that this palette was designed to resemble early Kat Von D Beauty palettes, I can appreciate the simplicity. I really enjoy that Kat has included her artwork on the front of the palette, as an artist myself, it's nice to see hand drawn art promptly displayed on the front her packaging. Maybe I'm being overcritical, but the artwork does look somewhat blurry to me, but this could be a result of the textured finish. The palette is kind of hard to open and considering that my nails are short, I imagine girls with long nails will especially struggle with this packaging. I really enjoy the layout of this palette. For people who don't normally wear a lot of bold colors, I feel as though this layout is very inviting and will help you pair bold colors with neutrals. Of the shimmers in the palette, I would personally label "Egypt,""Catherine²," and "Kelly" as glimmers. What makes the glimmer eyeshadows different from shimmers is that they're so sparkly, they almost mimic the finish of a glitter while still functioning as a shimmer eyeshadow. I first came across the glimmer eyeshadows in the Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Palette. I'm personally not a fan of Kat Von D Beauty's glimmer eyeshadows (despite enjoying the Shade + Light Glimmer Palette which seems to have an improved version of the glimmer formula). I don't particularly enjoy their glimmer formulas because you need a wet brush to really pick up the product, if you're not wearing a glitter glue base, the glimmer will be difficult to apply, and you'll have lots of fallout throughout the day. In addition to possibly being glimmers, "Catherine²" and "Kelly" function as duo chrome eyeshadows. "Catherine²" looks orange in the pan, but has pink reflects to it and "Kelly is a light brown eyeshadow with blue reflects in it. Of the eyeshadows I've labeled glimmers, "Catherine²" was the only eyeshadow that gave me similar issues to the glimmers in the Saint & Sinner Palette.


     The matte eyeshadows perform just as you'd expect any other Kat Von D matte eyeshadow to perform, while they're chalky and produce quite a bit of kick up, they blend effortlessly. I didn't think much of the palette when I first saw pictures of it, but being able to swatch the colors for myself, my opinions have changed. Despite not being the biggest fan of the glimmer formula, these eyeshadows are a vast improvement over the original Saint & Sinner Palette formulas, I don't experience nearly the same amount of fallout or struggle to apply these eyeshadows with a brush. I might be alone in this opinion, but I feel as though these eyeshadow are more pigmented than her usual formulas. My favorite shade from the palette has to be either "Leafar" or "Chad." They're both really pretty colors and they both inspire me to create colorful looks. The top row is full of nice colors, but nothing too out of the ordinary. If you like warm tone colors, chances are, you probably have these colors already, but it's the bottom row which sells me on this palette. I absolutely love purples, blues, and greens and this palette doesn't disappoint in that respect. If you have the money for this palette, I'm going to say you should buy this palette, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

 (Finger swatches are on top and the swatches below were done using a E.L.F. Smudge Brush. I used Too Faced's Shadow Insurance as a base)


     When it came to dupes, the results were more hit or miss than I was expecting. Initially, I had more dupes in mind, but when I got home and started comparing colors, I realized how many colors from this palette I don't already have. The first shade I attempted to dupe was "Melanie." The eyeshadow appeared to be a pale, almost bone like color, but putting it up against "Amen" from the Saint & Sinner Palette, the warmer pink undertones are quite evident. I tried dipping into several other pale eyeshadows from various palettes I have, but this eyeshadow doesn't look exactly like any of the other colors I have. While "Melanie" and "Amen" aren't exact dupes, I do believe the colors are similar enough to where they can be used interchangeably. "Adele" and "Crucifix" from the Saint & Sinner Palette on the other hand are perfect dupes. "Egypt" appears to look the same shade as "Relic," but "Egypt" is a true gold color and has glitter like pigments in it, while "Relic" leans more on the copper side and is a regular shimmer eyeshadow. "Carolyn" is almost a perfect dupe for MAC's single eyeshadow in "Plumage." "Carolyn" is somewhat lighter and more on the teal side than "Plumage" which is a slightly darker navy blue, but like "Melanie" and "Amen," the colors can be used interchangeably. I don't have a large collection of makeup, but compared to what I do have, this palette turned out to be a lovely addition, as most of these colors turned out to be unique to my collection.

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