Wet N Wild Isn't Cruelty Free Anymore

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Wet N Wild Isn't Cruelty Free Anymore

     Hello everyone, it pains me to write this article, but it's necessary to alert you all to the fact that Wet N Wild is no longer cruelty free. The news was broken by Cruelty-Free Kitty in this article here https://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/news/wet-n-wild-china-controversy/ it was accompanied by a set of photos depicting a Wet N Wild display case found in a store named Watsons, located in Shanghai China. Since this news has broken, there had been much speculation as to whether the products found were counterfeit or purchased under the table, but unfortunately, Wet N Wild confirmed today that Watsons is in fact an authorized retailer of their products despite months of denying selling in China. In an Instagram story message, Wet N Wild had this to say regarding the issue:
     While on the surface, it would appear as though Wet N Wild retains their cruelty free status, their description of Chinese law is not accurate. According to Global Cosmetics News, "finished imported and domestically produced cosmetics" are still not exempt from animal testing. Despite post-market testing no longer being considered "normal practice," non-routine tests can still be issued; for example, consumer complaints. At no time, is the Chinese government required to let a brand know when these non-routine tests should occur, making it impossible to guarantee that your product is not being tested on an animal at some point. As much as I'd like to believe that this is a misunderstanding on Wet N Wild's part, there's no denying the fact that they lied about selling their products in China and Cruelty-Free Kitty pointed out the fact that Wet N Wild never recommitted to the Leaping Bunny program after being kicked off, which could also be indicative of their knowledge on the issue. While it's still unclear if this is an issue of miscommunication, what is clear is that Wet N Wild can no longer be considered cruelty free. 
     Another issue that I'd like to address quickly, is whether or not e.l.f. is still cruelty free. As the cruelty free community began digging through Watsons website, e.l.f. was found to be sold online Does this mean that e.l.f. is required to test on animals? E.l.f. like many other cosmetic companies, are taking advantage of a loophole; through e-commerce channels, cosmetics can be sold indirectly to China without being tested on animals at any time. They're not sold in any physical stores in China.

     I have to give a big thank you to Cruelty-Free Kitty for bringing this issue to light, Logical Harmony for following up with Wet N Wild and clarifying their cruelty free status, Vegan Makeup Share for sharing e.l.f.'s statement regarding their involvement with Watsons and allowing me to share her post, and to e.l.f. for responding hastily to questions, remaining transparent, and reaffirming their position to remain cruelty free and vegan. Please go show these lovely people some love! 
     At this time, Wet N Wild still claims to be cruelty free on their website and social media accounts,  if anything develops, I'll make sure to follow up with any updates.

* Update: For the time being, all past articles written about Wet N Wild products will be pulled from my website. While many would still consider Wet N Wild to be a cruelty free brand, I personally do not and no longer wish to generate interest in their products. Should Wet N Wild become what I consider, a truly cruelty free company, I'll restore my articles. I hope you all will understand! 

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