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Tailored Brows Review #indiefeature

     When I started this blog, it was with the intentions that I could share my interests and opinions on makeup; I wanted to reach a wide audience who shares in my concerns regarding where and who they support with their money. For the past 2 years now, my content has centered around makeup though I have written about other topics in the past, still surrounding beauty. I've always been a firm believer in never putting your eggs in one basket which is why I want to expand upon my writing to include beauty products that aren't necessarily makeup. Today's article will not disappoint and I firmly believe this article will be a game changer in my writing as we discuss the growing market for eyebrow wigs.
     After posting a picture of myself wearing out my Tailored Brow eyebrow wigs, the company and I began messaging each other on Instagram. I was fortunate enough to secure an interview with the owner of Tailored Brows which you can read below.


Before we begin, I have to say thank you first and foremost for agreeing to an interview.

I'm a mother of 3 Gremlins ( yes they are really cute gremlins) ages 5,6, 7, and I'm married. With just stating that you can already assume I have my hands full, daily. Lol So, I work a full-time corporate job, and I am working full-time to grow this brand. I went to college specifically for business. Running a start-up has it's difficulties, but it is also rewarding. I also have a YouTube channel where let everyone into my world.

For people unfamiliar with you, can you tell us about yourself and your career thus far?

Honestly, I was into making lace wigs first. I came across a lady on YouTube who ventilated wigs. On one of her videos she showed how to make eyebrows, and that's when a light bulb went off. I always got compliments on my natural eyebrows, because they're thick and full. So, I wanted to give the same to the world. I started off making my own eyebrow wigs. The task was tedious, but what was awesome is that I sold my first pair of eyebrow wigs to a this guy, who performed drag shows. Was definitely exciting and unexpected.

What prompted you to begin a company making eyebrow wigs?

The reaction to my Eyebrow wigs has been phenomenal. I get burned victims, those suffering from chemotherapy, alopecia customers, everyday women and men contacting me in desperation for a pair of my eyebrow wigs. It's definitely humbling and rewarding at the same time. Not only that, but there's a lot of folks out there who doesn't know this exists. One of my customers recently told me my eyebrow wigs are a God sent. That was motivating to me. I have a lot of work to do.

What has the reaction to your eyebrow wigs been like?

I tell everyone my Eyebrow wigs are the BEST quality compared to others. And my customers tell me this as well. All of the brows are handmade to perfection. The direction the hairs lay and the way they are hand-tied into the lace does not compare. Also, they last longer due to the durable lace that is used. Amazing craftsmanship.

How are your eyebrow wigs, different from others currently available on the market?

I am more financially stable. My mentality and perspective on life changed drastically. All I think about is how to make my business better. How can I grow it so that my kids and their kids are financially set. That is what runs through my mind constantly. I want to be an amazing business person, mom, and wife. I want to do it all. There's no more hanging out with friends, shopping sprees, etc.. It's my new life now until my goals are met.

How has life changed for you since opening up Tailored Brows?

Tailored Brows is going to dive a little deeper into the beauty world. Baby steps of course. I want to offer my customers a variety of products that focuses on their eyebrows. I going to become your go to brand for everything eyebrows. Let's be honest, our eyebrows are the first thing, besides our eyes, a person looks at. It gives us facial recognition and expression. So, it only makes sense to focus on that area of the face.

Can you share with us and details about how your business may expand in the future?

Facebook: @tailoredbrow (no "s")
Instagram: @tailored_brows
YouTube: monusface

First Impressions

     I placed my order on March 31st through the Tailored Brows Etsy account. My total came out to $25 with an additional $4 charge to cover shipping. On April 8th, my package arrived in a padded gold envelope. In the envelope was a thank you card and a black box similar to that of an eyelash box, it's stamped with the company's logo. When I opened the box, there was a business card/ certificate of authenticity, under that, were the eyebrow wigs. The box has a deep well, assuring that the eyebrow wigs won't be crushed by the lid, disfiguring their shape. To keep the eyebrow wigs from moving, they're held in place by a single glue dot on the plastic cartridge. The inside flap of the box has a stamped label stating that they're eyebrow wigs, made from human hair, that they're "tailored to perfection," with the owner's name Monuella Monsha right below. There is also a printed label stating the style and color of the eyebrow wigs. 
      As someone who's never owned eyebrow wigs before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I opened my package, but boy was I shocked and giddy! I could not believe how realistic they were, it was kind of scary. Of course, my first instinct was to pull the eyebrow wigs out and immediately place them on my arm to see how realistic they looked against human skin. I believe, the picture I provided below speaks for itself, it's quite convincing! I did notice the hair was slightly stiff around the tail, but I believe maybe some hair spray or gel perhaps were used to create the precise shape.


     While definitely a risk, I decided to wear my eyebrow wigs for the first time at the Texas Riviera Empire's Coronation event. Following an application tutorial provided on their Instagram account, I used eyelash glue to attach the eyebrow wigs to my bare brow bone. Prior to adding any glue, I coated the lace with a powder foundation to aid in camouflaging the knots at the root of each hair. I applied glue to the back each eyebrow wig and a little glue to my brow bone to create extra adhesion, ensuring they'd stay in place. The tails of the brow required extra attention when gluing them down, but for the most part, the eyebrow wigs were easy to apply. In retrospect, I wish I had waited to wear the eyebrow wigs. I was so flustered getting ready for my event, that I completely forgot to see how well the knots would bleach. I'm not sure how well they might bleach now, having been coated with eyelash glue on the back end, but perhaps I'll try in the future.
      I tried cleaning the glue off using rubbing alcohol as recommended, most of it came off, but some is still stubbornly attached between the lace. If you own any dissolvable adhesive, it might be gentler to use and clean easier. I will admit, I used an aggressive brush (the ones used for edges) to pull off the glue as I was having some trouble removing the glue with my EcoTools nail brush, it did remove some hair. Between an aggressive brushing and an attempt at ripping off residual glue with my fingers, I'd say the brows held up pretty well. I would like to note, that after the cleaning, the eyebrow wigs, the hairs were starting to stand up. It's possible that I disrupted the knotted pattern of the brow hairs, but I believe it's more likely that some kind of gel or hair spray was used to lay down the hairs.

Final Thoughts

     These eyebrow wigs are everything I hoped for! As an individual who has lazy days when it comes to drawing on new eyebrows, I'm excited to have these wigs at my disposal. Considering my reputation for manhandling my wigs, no pun intended, these eyebrow wigs seem like a perfect fit for my needs; durable, cruelty free, and vegan. or anyone interested, I have to say, GO FOR IT!

If you've made it this far, I would just like to say thank you for reading my article! Your feedback matters a great deal to me, please feel free to message me through my email therobynvalentine@gmail.com regarding any feedback or questions you may have. Also while your here, I would greatly appreciate it, if you consider contributing to my website by making a donation to my Paypal using the email provided. Thank you again for all your continued support, it truly means the world to me.

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