Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation & Liquid Cover Lasting Concealer Review

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Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation & Liquid Cover Lasting Concealer Review

       Today, I've got a double whammy of a review for you guys, as I discuss my experience using the new Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation and Liquid Cover Lasting Concealer. Before we begin, I have to give a big round of applause to Pacifica, for their expansive shade ranges with these two launches. I'm genuinely happy to see them making efforts to include more skin tones and undertones in their complexion ranges, hopefully these improvements will be expanded with existing products. Also, while I am an influencer for Pacifica, I did purchase these products with my own money and I'm in no way being compensated for this review.
     The Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation comes in 30 different shades (encompassing cool, warm, and neutral undertones) with 0.9 fl oz/ 28 mL of product for $16. The foundation promises a seamless, poreless, satin finish that'll last throughout the day and control shine. It's free from many harmful chemicals and claims to not only feel cleaner on your skin, but it will improve the texture after 6 weeks of wear.
     Their Liquid Cover Lasting Concealer comes in 12 different shades (encompassing cool, warm, and neutral undertones) with 0.26 fl oz/ 7.5 mL of product for $13. This lightweight, buildable, high coverage concealer will hide all imperfections and leave your skin with a natural finish that won't crease. Pacifica is a cruelty free and vegan company that offers a recycling program on old packaging; they are produced in the US.

First Impressions:
    Unfortunately, the new Pacifica foundation and concealer was not available in any of my local stores to swatch. However, I must commend Pacifica for choosing to use influencers for the foundation swatches on their website. While it's great exposure for the influencers used, it made finding a foundation shade much easier in my opinion. By looking through the Instagrams of the influencers used, I was able to see what shade they wore in other foundations, which helped me narrow down my choices. I placed my order on March 14, with my items being shipped the next day. The items were delivered by March 18 safe and sound. To Pacifica's credit, they do accept Paypal payments through their website.
     The bottles are simple, but stylish. I appreciate that the foundation comes in a glass container with a pump because I find this more sanitary. The concealer comes in a plastic package with a nice doe foot applicator which holds a decent amount of product. The foundation has a faint smell of coconuts, while the concealer has no smell at all. I would describe both as having medium coverage, but you can build them up, while maintaining a natural coverage. I will say that the foundation I ordered (26 NM) was not very neutral in my opinion. It seemed to have quite a bit of yellow in it which made it rather obvious I was wearing makeup since my face didn't match my neck, I did not have this problem with the concealer that I bought (20 NF).


     I wore the foundation and concealer for two weeks straight; using different setting powders and setting spray combos each day to see what worked best for these products. In total I used three different setting powders (Wet N Wild's Photo Focus Loose Setting Powder, E.L.F.'s Beauty Shield Setting Powder, and Cover FX's Perfect Setting Powder) and two different setting sprays (Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray and Kat Von D's Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist). I even paired it with Milk Makeup's Hydro Grip Primer toward the end of my review which produced much better results. My normal prep routine consists of using Witch Hazel Oil, Heritage Store's Rosewater and Glycerin Spray, and Pacifica's Coconut Probiotic Rehab Cream.
     Like so many other foundations I've tried, I struggled with settling and creasing in my fine lines throughout the day. The concealer on the other hand did not crease in any way I used it. It looked flawless from start to finish with minimal settling that you'd need a really good mirror to catch! The foundation seemed to cake up on my cheeks, however this along with the creasing were minimized using a brush to set the foundation. For whatever reason, the more powder I packed on the foundation became more problematic. One thing I wish I had been more vigilant of was the fact that both the foundation and concealer have flashback to them. I say this because I used them during a photo shoot not thinking and I came out looking like flashback Mary. To the products defense, they may have flashback, however they don't dry down darker or oxidize, which is a plus in my book. Another problem I ran into was that no matter how I applied the foundation, the product would settle around my nostrils. When I used the Hydro Grip Primer, the foundation did not crease at all and the settling was minimized. From my experience, the best way to apply this foundation is to use a good primer, apply it with a brush for a fuller coverage, but to go over it with a beauty sponge to pick up any excess, and set the foundation lightly with powder. The concealer isn't to watery so feel free to blend away using a beauty sponge without worry, it won't be severely absorbed.
     I have not worn the foundation long enough to say if the skin repairing properties is true, but I did feel as though my skin tone was becoming more even throughout my wear test. As stated earlier, the foundation didn't hold well on my face, which is prone to creasing unless I used the Hydro Grip Primer. However, I will say that this foundation controlled the oil on my face quite well, especially on my nose, I did not need to blot like I do with most hydrating/ illuminating foundations.Currently, I'm repainting the outside of my house and as you imagine, the hot sun has me sweating profusely, but this foundation and concealer didn't break down on me despite the less than optimal conditions.
     I did review the ingredients of both the foundation and concealer to see if the clean ingredients claim was true. Using the Environmental Working Group's website as a reference, I did not find any ingredients that would cause me any concern. Both products are free from most irritants including silicones, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and petroleums. They do utilize Phenoxyethanol as a preservative, however the amount used is low as indicated by its placement on their ingredients list.

Final Thoughts:
     Even though the foundation didn't work the best for me, I'd still recommend this product. I believe this foundation has the potential to work on many different people and different skin types, but for individuals that struggle with creasing like me, you may need to pair this foundation with a good primer. The concealer on the other hand has blown me away! For natural, every day makeup, the concealer will stay in my kit as it perfects the skin without looking heavy or creasing on me. For the price and quality, I'd say both these products are worth trying, hopefully they'll work for you!

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