Kat Von D Lolita Palette Review

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Kat Von D Lolita Palette Review

     Expanding upon the success of Kat Von D Beauty's shade "Lolita" (named after a close family friend) which has been offered as a studded lipstick, liquid lipstick, liner, and individual eyeshadow prior, the brand has launched a full scale Lolita Collection which includes a liquid liner, Glimmer Veil, and eyeshadow palette. Today's review will focus solely on the eyeshadow palette.
     The Lolita Palette, which has a 12 month shelf period and costs $39, includes 8 matte eyeshadows, one even named "Lolita," though it does not resemble the color of the individual "Lolita" eyeshadow. The palette comes with 8.8 g/ 0.32 oz of product and each shadow weighs 1.1 g/ 0.04 oz for a cost $4.43 per eyeshadow. Kat Von D Beauty does not test on animals and has become a fully vegan brand, their parent Kendo is cruelty free as well, but does own brands who do test on animals. Kendo is owned by Louis Vuitton who is not cruelty free.

First Impression:

     I was very curious to see how this palette performed because at least one "Lolita" palette had been produced in time for Kat Von D Beauty's 10 Year Anniversary Party, which was displayed among a mounted archive, featuring makeup the brand has released over their 10 year run. The reason I bring this up is because Kat Von D Beauty's previous launch, the "Fetish Collection," received mixed to negative reviews among customers. My initial reaction was that if Kat Von D Beauty has switched manufacturers or is currently facing quality control problems (assuming this is true), perhaps this palette consists of the quality eyeshadows Kat Von D Beauty's been known for. I also hypothesized that perhaps this palette was produced by the same company that made their "Pastel Goth" palette because the packaging is identical. I'm not sure how to find out which companies produce, which products, so please do not take my theories as facts! If you know how to find this information, I would appreciate you sharing this information with me.


     The palette was everything I'd hope for it to be; the eyeshadows are pigmented and blended easily. I will say that the eyeshadows are a bit on the powdery side, but with Kat Von D Beauty you can expect this form their matte eyeshadows. When I first saw the palette teased, I thought it was going to be full of dusty rose colors, however aside from "Promesa," and "Besitos," the palette has quite a few brownish eyeshadows. Not to say, I don't like the colors, but I might have preferred more pinks. For people who like wearable eyeshadows, but want to dip into a bit of color, this palette would work well for you, however I must say that I do feel as though this color scheme is dupable. Business owner (Pop Luxe Beauty)/ Youtuber Nadi compared the "Lolita" palette to Urban Decay's "Naked Cherry" palette, even though the color schemes weren't exactly, it did demonstrate how you can create the same look using a different palette with similar colors. My personal kit is full of colorful eyeshadows, which is why I didn't mind buying this palette; it was unique to my kit. If this would be unique to your kit as well, then I fully recommend it.


     I couldn't for the life of me, find an eyeshadow primer at my house, so I went ahead an used Heritage Store's Rose Water & Glycerin Spray as a primer. It may not have created the smoothest base to work on, but the eyeshadows seemed to swatch the same. Right off the back, the eyeshadow shade "Eterno" caused me concern. Swatching with my finger, they eyeshadow was patchy and a bit on the chalkier side. The brush swatch wasn't that much better; the eyeshadow was still on the patchier side, but it also applied sheerer. I will say that applying the eyeshadow, I really didn't notice these shortcomings; it still looked smooth and it does appear on the eye, but it's definitely on the side of light to medium opacity. As far as the other eyeshadows go, there's not much to say, they apply just like any other Kat Von D Beauty eyeshadow, maybe a bit butterier than some of her other formulas, but that's just me really trying to find a difference.

I primed my arm using Heritage Store's Rosewater and Glycerin Spray prior to finger swatching.

I primed my arm using Heritage Store's Rosewater and Glycerin Spray prior to brush swatching. I used E.L.F's Eyeshadow Brush to apply the product.

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