bareMinerals Vegan Products List

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bareMinerals Vegan Products List:

     This list has been in the making since April of 2018, so to finally publish this, brings me great joy. I wanted to have this article out a couple months after I started it, but that's when I ran into trouble with my website and I needed my whole site to be rebuilt. I do have to inform you that the list in my opinion, needs further work on it. I was told by a bareMinerals representative that some of their products contain lanolin derived ingredients, however I was unable to find said ingredients during my search. I attempted to reach out to the appropriate departments about the lanolin derived ingredients, but I haven't heard back yet. I will update this article if I receive a response, but please buy at your own discretion, I tried my best to put together a solid list, but not finding the supposed lanolin does worry me. Additionally, I am checking up on two kits, to see if the bags the products come with are vegan friendly and will update these items as well. 

Fig. 1 Their companies stance on animal testing

Fig. 2 Their response to my inquiry regarding non-vegan ingredients

Fig.3 Confirmation their glycerin is plant based

Labeled vegan by company:



Not vegan:

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