Colourpop No Filter Concealer Review

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   Colourpop No Filter Concealer Review

     The Colourpop No Filter Concealer which was released on July 27, 2017 has finally found its way into my local Ulta store. While the concealers have been available for roughly one and a half years, including Ulta's website. Despite the duration these concealers have been available for, the recent release in stores has beckoned me for a review. I for one, wanted to buy this concealer when it launched, but I never got around to it because I was afraid I'd buy the wrong shade and be out of my money. Now that I've had the opportunity to swatch the concealers in person, I went ahead and purchased two shades; Fair 00 and Light 10.
     The No Filter Concealers offer a full coverage, pore blurring finish that is both lightweight and crease proof for a natural matte finish. The concealers cost $6 for 4.0g / 0.14oz and is vegan. Colourpop is a cruelty free company and their products are made in the USA.

First Impressions:

     When I open up products, the first thing I do is smell them. Synthetic or strong chemical smells activate my allergies and cause my nose to become stuffy and give me a headache. The concealer does have a chemical smell too it, but it's rather faint; not something that lingers after it's been applied. I wish I had something to compare the smell to, as it's a rather familiar scent, but I haven't quite figured out the perfect comparison yet. In addition to allergies, I have eye dermatitis. It's basically a rash on my eyes that causes my eyelids to become dry, itchy, and the skin will peel. If I could, I would stick to illuminating products because I prefer the feel and finish, however my smile lines and the creases on my forehead limit the products I can use. Normally I'll use an illuminating foundation with a matte concealer and lightweight powders. I have combo to oily skin with the exception of my eyes, which are mostly dry during the winter months. I appreciate the wand chosen for the concealers as it picks up decent amounts of product with every dip into the tube. If you're super anal about keeping your products and packaging, clean like me, then perhaps you too will appreciate the easy to clean tubes. They're a simple design, but feel quite durable and are easy to travel with.


     As mentioned earlier on in the article, I picked up two shades of the concealer. If my under eyes look bright in the pictures, it's because they are bright. I purchased both shades with the intention of using them for highlighting in my T zone to accompany a full face of makeup, not for day to day use. For the most part, I never wear makeup during the day.
     As expected, from a mattifying formula, the concealer latched onto my dry patches, when I wore the concealer on it's own, even though I used a plethora of deep moisturizing creams before hand. My under eyes looked rather crepey; a feature that progressively worsened throughout the day. The one thing I was looking for in the concealer was that it would be crease proof, but unfortunately, it did not hold up well in my smile lines and forehead. While it didn't necessarily crease, it settled rather ugly in those areas. For reference, I set the concealers with my Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder, one side with a brush, the other with a puff and I used my Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Spray. I used the same technique twice in the two days I tried the concealer by itself.
     On both day one and two, I only wore the concealer for about 5 hours before I removed it. By this time the concealer had settled and my dry patches looked worse than when I first put the concealer on. On the bright side, the concealer wasn't nearly as irritating to my under eyes as the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer which I've found is too dry for me.
     On the third wear test I used the concealers during my makeup routine for a show I danced at. Everything in terms of powder and setting spray remained the same, however I was wearing foundation this time. An old Dior Airflash I owned and my Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Foundation in combination with my Cover FX Power Play Concealer. My face did look cakey in my T zone, a problem I've found every time I've used these concealers. Even though my highlighted areas looked better during this third wear test, I suspect that it had everything to do with the products it was paired with which are pretty crease proof themselves. I'll continue to use the concealer with other foundations and powders to see if the results change in the future. If I notice a difference, I'll make it a point to update this article at the bottom of the final thoughts section. Surprisingly, the concealer didn't settle ugly into my fine line, though there was minimal creasing. I will say that despite the claim that these concealers are full coverage, they're more of a medium coverage in my opinion. I had to keep layering them to get the color pay off I needed.

Final Thoughts:

     The concealers aren't bad, but in full honesty, I'd rather grab Cover FX Power Play Concealer  which is more comfortable to wear and has better coverage, though the price is higher. One thing is for sure, I will not be wearing this concealer on it's own, especially during the colder months when my skin is drier. For the most part, I think I'll only be reaching for this concealer to help brighten my complexion. In my opinion, the negative aspects of this concealer such as the settling, are not as prevalent, when used in conjunction with other products. My final thoughts are, the concealer formula is decent; it may work better for others than it did for me, but it's still not all that bad.

Picture #1 shows the concealer upon first application, picture #2 shows the concealer after it's been set with the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder and Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Spray, picture #3 shows the concealer after 5 hours of wear

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