My Mission Statement as a Makeup Artist

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My Mission Statement as a Makeup Artist 

     As a makeup artist my goal is never to create a mask for people looking to feel beautiful, while there are many different forms of makeup, all of which are valid, my goal when creating beauty makeup is to utilize the natural features of my model/ client. I want for my models/ clients to feel beautiful in my makeup and beautiful without my makeup. I find the current trends in the beauty community to be somewhat problematic as they encourage the exaggeration of features many don't naturally possess such as thick full eyebrows and over drawn lips. A large number of my clients will even request for me to implement these trends into their makeup application, and you might be thinking to yourself "Where's the problems in following trends? Let people enjoy themselves!" Even though I do agree everyone should enjoy partaking in the trends of today if they desire, what bothers me is the number of clients telling me that their lips are to small so they want lip injects or rinoplasties because their noses are too large. Even though it's true that everyone is insecure about something, I don't believe that what I am hearing is derived from honest insecurities, I truly believe the beauty trends of today are making people feel even more insecure. When I apply makeup I make it a point to compliment the person I'm working on of their natural features. Even though beauty is subjective, many people wish to be deemed beautiful by the standards of modern society and if pointing out their well sculpted cheekbones or beautiful eye color will make them feel better about themselves, why not be honest and point those things out? The thing to remember is beauty trends come and go; no makeup, heavy makeup, uni brows, you name it, it's all trended at one point! Just remember beauty is eternal, at any age, no matter the shape of your face or your body, beauty has no definition, and this is the lesson I wish to instill in every person I work on, my mission as a makeup artist; helping others find beauty in themselves.


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