E.L.F. is Now Fully Vegan

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E.L.F. is Now Fully Vegan

     If at all possible I try to avoid making my purchases online out of fear that a security breach would result in my personal information being leaked, but perhaps I'm just being irrational. The only other rationalization I have for my fears is the inability to see exactly what I'm purchasing and for makeup that can be a big deal. One way in which I always seem to forget my fears is the prospect of saving money. It should come as no surprise that with E.L.F.'s recent coupon of free shipping with no minimum I darted over to there website in a haste. For those of you unfamiliar with E.L.F. they are a cruelty free and now vegan cosmetics brand started in 2004 by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba. They are sold in 17 countries, found in stores such as Walmart, Target, Ulta, Dollar General, and CVS, and were designed around the principle of being inexpensive and high quality. Their products are manufactured in China, however they're sold there meaning they are not required by law to test on animals. Going through their products to see what would catch my eyes I noticed that under the ingredients list there was a cruelty free and vegan logo prominently displayed. I was surprised to see this logo as E.L.F. has only labeled their products cruelty free even though all their makeup was vegan. While I was surprised to see this logo I didn't think much of it until I began to remember E.L.F. stating almost a year ago that they were going to replace their pony hair brushes with a synthetic material. To the best of my knowledge the brushes from the regular line were the only products still not vegan though there was uncertainty whether or not E.L.F.'s skincare line was vegan over unclear responses. The first thing I did when I realized E.L.F. may finally be a completely vegan brand was look to see if the pony hair brushes were replaced with synthetic material and low and behold they were. I was still in a bit of disbelief, but with it being late in the evening there was no way I could confirm my suspicion. When I finally had a break the next day I made it a point to call E.L.F.'s customer service and I asked if there were finally a vegan brand to which the man over the phone replied that they are. As excited as I was I had to ask if the stores that sell their products are carrying old stock that might not be vegan, to which he replied that E.L.F. has phased out the old stock over the past year so the whole line is in fact vegan, they've only recently placed a logo on their website to make it official. Congratulations E.L.F. for being on the side of progress and offering a more affordable option for those wanting to support cruelty free vegan brands! 

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