Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Palette Review

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Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Palette

     The Saint & Sinner palette is the new holiday eyeshadow palette from Kat Von D, this palette became available on Sephora and Kat Von D's website on 9/19, it will be sold in stores on 10/6 and will cost $62. The palette contains 24 eyeshadows ranging from a collection of matte, shimmer, and two glitter eyeshadow toppers, each eyeshadow weighs 0.04 oz/ 1 g each for a cost of $2.58 per eyeshadow, and this eyeshadow palette is vegan. I have heard some people making comments regarding the price of the eyeshadow palette, I would like to say that while the initial cost of the palette is in fact high, overall the eyeshadows are quite affordable when you compare the price of each pan with the amount of product that comes in the palette. If you are someone who likes to have a variety of eyeshadows, a makeup artist who needs an array of colors for their professional kit, someone who loves Kat Von D, or even someone who loves collecting makeup in general, I believe this palette will suit your collection well, however if you tend to wear the same colors everyday or wouldn't pay more than $50 for makeup product than I would not recommend this for you. In the latest Q & A video Kat Von D posted on her Youtube channel she explains that while she has successful reformulated all her products to be vegan they will not official be a vegan brand until they clear what's left of non-vegan inventory. This palette includes the new vegan label which all the new vegan Kat Von D products will adore, the label is located on the bottom of the box and on the back of the palette itself. The palette was inspired by cathedrals with the eyeshadows being reminiscent of stained glass windows, the layout of the palette was broken up into two different sides the Saint & Sinner; the Saint side contains more neutral everyday eyeshadows, while the Sinner side is composed of bold vibrant colors. This palette uses the same name as the Saint & Sinner perfume collection Kat Von D released in late June of this year, I don't believe these products are meant to be apart of an entire Saint & Sinner collection, to the best of my knowledge the only resemblance these products will have is in name and concept.


     The palette is absolutely stunning! Let me preface this by saying that for the majority this palette will not be travel friendly, while thin it is quite a large palette. I don't believe I'll be getting any use out of the mirrors because they're slim half size mirrors that I get my fingerprints on every time I open the palette. While the shimmery eyeshadows don't particularly need a base to look pigmented, the shade "Exodus" might depending on your preference as this particular shade tends to apply somewhat sheer without any building. I find that the matte shades "Amen" and "Baptism" are not only powdery, but they seem to be the only shades with severe kick up in my opinion (although they all produce a some kick up). The eyeshadows "Absolution" and "Rapture" were the only colors that really gave me fall out. I do recommend a glitter primer when using these colors for the full color payout as well as to battle the fallout, but even then I would start with the eyes first or place a layer of powder under the eyes, because the fallout is quite prevalent throughout the day; I even tried spraying my brush to no avail, perhaps my hooded eyes were rubbing the glitter particles off causing the fallout, but I'm not entirely certain, but I do feel as though the glitter continued to fallout throughout the time I wore it. When it comes to chalky shades I would say the worst offenders are "Amen" and "Baptism" although "Sabbath" is somewhat of a contender, the only reason I'm not including "Sabbath" on my list is because the eyeshadow is not quite as powdery feeling when I pick it up on my brush and apply the shade. For me I was disappointed to find that "Exodus" is more of a lime green than a neon green (I was hoping this shade might compare to that of Sugarpill's eyeshadow "Acidberry.") I was also disappointed that "Ministry" applies as more of a blackish blue than a deep blue shade, I would compare this shade to the eyeshadow "Danger"from my Gwen Stefani Palette. My favorite shade from the palette is "Sacred Heart" from the Saint side, this eyeshadow blends amazingly on any surface it's placed on, primer or not. What I appreciate about the colors in the palette is that while they are pigmented, they're quite build-able which makes it easier to control the color payout.

Final Thoughts 

     Overall I really do enjoy this palette, it's a beautiful piece to look at every time I open it and a wonderful palette for a makeup collector; you could honestly set this palette up as a decorative piece on a vanity. For me the hardest to use shades in this palette would be the two glittery eyeshadows at the top because they produce quite a bit of fallout even when using a glitter primer, knocking off excess product, and even wetting my brush. Don't get me wrong these shades are really pretty, but they're hard to work with and have made a mess of my palette. While the matte shades are slightly chalky, with "Amen" and "Baptism" being the worst offenders, the color payout is build-able, but not quite fully opaque, for beginners or people who just prefer building eyeshadow I believe you'll enjoy these colors, plus they do blend quite well. I don't have any complaints when it comes to the shimmers, they perform just as nice as eyeshadows from other Kat Von D palettes and they can be intensified by wetting the brush.

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