Physicians Formula Vegan List

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Physicians Formula Vegan List

     Looking at the number of individuals who've read my Stila Cosmetics Vegan Products List, I've been feeling encouraged to create more vegan products lists. It's a lot of work to put these lists together, but when I think about all the people I can help and the positive impact I'm making to help liberate animals from unnecessary suffering, it's all worth it. Over the past few weeks, I've been in contact with Physicians Formula, trying to put this list together. For the most part, I believe I've assembled a solid list, but it did take some digging on my part. It was confirmed over the phone, that their glycerin is plant derived and I was told over the phone and email that the brushes found in some of their products are synthetic. I am still a little skeptical, I will admit, I was told that their only non-vegan ingredients are beeswax, carmine, and lactic acid, but I was fortunate enough to catch lanolin in their ingredients. After I came across lanolin, I went back and started combining through their ingredients to make sure, that there were no more discrepancies, but I do believe that was the only one. I would also like to note that there are a handful of products Physicians Formula does confirm to be vegan, if you inspect the packaging, you will find some of the products labeled accordingly, but there are still a number of products who's vegan status is only confirmed online. I wanted to make note of it, in case anyone wants to be on the safe side and only buy products they personally certify to be vegan.

About the Company:

     Physicians Formula was based in Azusa, CA and started by leading allergist, Dr. Frank Crandall in 1937 for his wife Edith. Edith who lived with lupus, longed to find makeup that wouldn't irritate her sensitive skin. It was Dr. Crandall's mission to create a makeup line his wife could wear, that could perform similar to the cosmetics sold in department stores. Compared to the makeup available in the 1930's, Physicians Formula was a standout; avoiding the 132 irritants thought to be harmful at the time. Dr. Crandall believed that our skin absorbs the products we put on it (a fact that has been proven) and wanted to create a line of hypoallergenic makeup that was safe to wear. Dr. Crandall's mission to help his wife had a profound effect on the industry, Physicians Formula was not only the first hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and dermatologist-tested makeup in the industry, they were also the first to introduce SPF into cosmetics, and one, if not the first to sell bronzers (Dr. Crandall wanted to encourage people to avoid the sun and did this by creating a product that could replicate the look of sun kissed skin), sell completely organic makeup, and create biodegradable packaging for their Bamboo Wear line. The company was sold for the first time in 1961 by Dr. Crandall's second wife who had become widowed. Physicians formula which is now owned by Markwins International Corp., continues to run the company in Dr. Crandall's vision, creating makeup that won't irritate sensitive skin and avoids harsh chemicals.

Labeled vegan by company:


Not Vegan:

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