Stila Cosmetics Vegan Products List

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Stila Cosmetics Vegan Products List

     It's been a long time coming, but here it is, a list of the wonderful vegan goodies that Stila has to offer! As a disclaimer it should be noted that Stila doesn't market their products as being vegan friendly. Based on the emails I've received I've come to the conclusion that they're using the same equipment to manufacturer all of their makeup, meaning that even the vegan friendly makeup, may contain some of the non-vegan ingredients from the products made prior aka cross contamination.
     While I personally implore everyone to shop vegan I still commend everyone who supports cruelty free beauty. At the end of the day no animal deserves to be tortured regardless of the circumstances. Animals are sentiment beings who want to live long prosperous lives like the rest of us. I applaud Stila for rejoining the cruelty free movement!
     In 2013 Stila began selling their products in mainland China, and as many of you know, mainland China requires companies to test on animals in order to sell their products there. While much progress has been made to overturn this law, it is still in effect. As of February 2017 Stila has pulled out of the Chinese market and reclaimed their cruelty free status. I am proud to share this article with you; a list containing all the vegan products Stila has to offer. I went ahead and created a list of non-vegan products as I know many people are sensitive and allergic to non-vegan ingredients such as carmine. Another reason why I included a list of non-vegan products is because there are no references to what some of the brushes are made of, I wanted to clear up any confusion. I have been working with Stila over the past two to three weeks to put this list together. Stila has confirmed with me over a series of emails that aside from their brushes the only non-vegan ingredients found in their line are carmine, beeswax, and lanolin.

     From what I could tell under all the different shade options the ingredients are listed the same. Without the specific ingredients of each shade there's no way of knowing for sure whether or not a particular shade might be vegan. While I believe they're listing the same ingredients for all the different shade options I still went ahead and reviewed the ingredients for each product and their different shades. I wrote out 'all shades' under the lists to affirm any confusion regarding whether or not specific shades might be vegan friendly. As of now we can only assume that if a product is not vegan all the different shade options are not vegan as well.

About the Company:

     Stila was founded in 1994 and created by makeup artist Jeanine Lobell. Lobell was born in Sweden and grew up in Europe during the height of the "New Romantics," "Biba," and "Punk" scene. At the age of 17 Lobell attended the Complexions London School of Makeup, following in the footsteps of her friends. After school Lobell moved to L.A. where she landed her first job being a makeup assistant for the John Water's film 'Hairspray.' From there Lobell's career took off  and she worked on 'Drugstore Cowboy' and began doing work for celebrities (mostly music related). While working on the set of 'Pet Sematary 2' Lobell met her future husband Anthony Edwards, a star on the popular show E.R. Lobell entering into the makeup industry was the result of her friend Allison, who opened a boutique and wanted to sell makeup in her store. She asked Lobell to come over and Lobell ended offering to create her own makeup as long as she could make it from scratch as opposed to the private label products her friend initially planned on selling. The name Stila is derived from two words put together; the Swedish word stil which translates to style and the Italian word stilare which means signature. From her friends small boutique Stila continued to grow and has been the first for many products and marketing campaigns in the US such as the first to sell cream blush and lip compacts, the first to make liquid lipsticks, and the first to use illustrations in place of models. In 1999 Stila was acquired by Estee Lauder and later sold to Sun Captial Partners Inc. in 2006. As of 2009 Stila is owned by entrepreneur Lynn Tilton who operates Patriarch Partners, LLC. Lobell continues to work as a makeup artist and spends most of her time to raising her four children.



Not Vegan:


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